Mosquito Born – The Priests of Mansquito

Writing Prompt: After resolving to stop wasting your life indoors, your first outing with friends goes great until a huge mosquito attacks you. As soon as you swat her, a red mist rushes into you and fills a void you never knew you had. One of your friends exclaims, “I can’t believe it. You’re… Mosquito-Born.”

“I can’t believe it. You’re… the Mosquito-born!”

“Really, Greg? Really?” Ash sighed, “My first day out in… what, forever? And you’re ready to start with this sh*t again? You know this is the reason I don’t hang out with you guys.”

“I don’t know what you’re on about.” Greg tugged at the collar of his cloak, trying to hide the sewn symbol of a man with a mosquito’s head.

Greg was the proud Cultist leader of the Priests of Mansquito. Granted he was leader of what amounted to five members in total, and only four of those five were willingly members…

Ash was the fifth.

Greg, as the Cult’s Head Priest, had anointed Ash as their Chosen One proclaiming that the birth mark on Ash’s left buttock, which looked (nothing like) a mosquito, was all the evidence they needed.

So there you had it. Ash. The Great Mansquito. He of feathery antennae and elongated mouth-parts.

“How long will it take?” Peter leaned in to whisper, buzzing with excitement, “When will he change?”

Ash stared wide eyed at Peter, “I can hear you, you know.”

“Then it’s already begun!” Clarke screamed with delight, throwing his hands joyfully into the air, nearly knocking over a passing cyclist, “Sorry!” he lowered his voice, barely at all, “At least I think it’s begun… don’t mosquitoes have superhuman hearing?”

“Do mosquitoes even have ears?” Peter asked with a frown.

“I feel like this is something we should know, being the Priests of Mansquito and all.” it was Helen that spoke now, the only female member of the Priesthood.

The Priests had a hard time recruiting female members (or femsquito as they were known) on account of Mansquito’s prophecy. When born into this world the Great Mansquito would bestow upon each malsquito a gift of great power, and on those loyal femsquito he would feast, devouring first their heads and then the other less delicious parts.

Mansquito’s gotta eat, y’know…

Ash simply shook his head, dumbfounded by his so called friends stupidity.

“You all saw it too, right? The mist?” Greg looked to his fellow Priests for affirmation, every one of them nodded, except Ash.

“What mist? What are you on about?”

“You were bitten!” Peter exclaimed, “Did you not see the beast, it was enormous!”

“Are you really going to devour my head?” Helen’s nerves were mounting by the second, “I didn’t think things would ever go this far… I only joined so I could tell my parents I was part of cult. You should have seen their faces, priceless!”

“Blasphemer!” Clarke cried, waving his hands in a Priest like manor at Helen, earning disapproving looks from a family who were picnicking close by, “Do you know what the punishment is, for a non-believer who falsely enters into the Priesthood?”

“Oh, let me guess,” Helen tapped a finger sarcastically against her cheek, “You string them up and drain them of their blood, just like a mosquito would, and then you leave their rotting carcass for the Great Mansquito to use as a nest in which to lay his eggs…”

Clarke couldn’t help but gag at the thought, “No, that’s gross.”

“And devouring heads isn’t?” Helen threw up her arms, “Why is it Mansquito only eat the girls anyway?”

All eyes were on Greg now. He shrugged. “Isn’t it obvious.” this time everyone, Ash included, shook their heads. “To stop the spread of cooties.”

“Jesus f*cking Christ.” Helen rolled her eyes, “What are you, God-damn preschoolers?”

“Blasphemer!” Clarke cried again.

“What did I do this time?” Helen looked defeated in her defiance.

“You spoke the name of a false prophet. You truly are a non-believer! Your punishment will befit your crimes.”

“Okay, I’ll bite. If you’re not going to drain my blood, what are you going to do?”

“Oh, I can answer that one!” Peter smiled, always happy to recite the common law of the Priesthood of Mansquito, “You’ll receive a lifetime time ban from the Great Temple…”

“It’s a tree fort, not a temple, but go on.”

“…AND you’ll loose all discount privileges bestowed by Greg…”

Greg coughed. “Ahem.”

“…by the High Priest Greg, including, but not limited to, free Waffles on Wednesday’s and half price Ben & Jerry’s.” Peter nodded, satisfied, then added quickly, “Exclusions may apply.”

“Greg’s dad owns the Shop, and Greg’s dad likes me because I babysit the twins.” Helen winked at Greg.

“Guys, that’s enough now.” Ash had listened long enough to their rambling, “I’m not about to turn into the Great Mansquito so there’s really nothing to… to… to…” he bent himself over at the stomach and started retching.

“Ash?” Greg stepped forward, reaching out for Ash’s shoulder, “Are you okay buddy? We’ll stop now if you…”

Ash threw back his head in a twisted scream that sounded more like a high pitched buzzing, and when his head finally settled his friends gazed in horror at the two, insectile bulges that held place where his eyes had once been.

“God have mercy.” Peter squeaked.

“Blasphemer…” Clarke whimpered, and Ash seemed to smile approvingly at this.

“RUN!” Helen cried, and that’s exactly what they did.

Copyright © K R Perry 2019

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