Writing Prompts

This page is dedicated to the short stories I’ve written based off of writing prompts. It’s a great way to get those creative juices flowing! You’ll find the prompts I’ve used below with links to the stories I’ve written based off of them.

For a collection of varied prompts that are constantly being updated I’d recommend checking out Reddit’s r/WritingPrompts sub. A great many of the prompts I use have been taken from there.

Writing Prompt Short Stories:

  1. The Developer
  2. Gran Moran, Intergalactic Division
  3. Between You and Eye
  4. How Aristocracy Survives
  5. A Fistful of Jelly
  6. The Lady Luck & Faith
  7. Who Am I?
  8. Dawn of Solis
  9. He Who Holds Xavier
  10. The Man in Grey
  11. The Seeds of Life Anew
  12. Fear In the Dark
  13. Casper Meets a… Shaman?
  14. The Thrall
  15. Beetle Juice and Oil
  16. Next Level
  17. Alexandria Never Burned
  18. By Birth of Eros
  19. Mind’s Eye
  20. The Custodian, On the Cusp
  21. Mr President’s Doomsday
  22. Of Constance the Tinny Can Man
  23. Ascent from Waters of the World
  24. Strange Times
  25. A Train Bound to Nowhere
  26. The White Coats’ Armageddon
  27. Dagmara